My Mobile Golf on App Store

A couple of weeks ago My Mobile Golf was released on the iTunes App Store. It allows you to book tee times on your iPhone or iTouch. We worked hard to make the interface as clean as possible, and to allow booking a tee time with the minimum number of clicks/screens.

Check it out on iTunes

Marketing text follows 🙂

My Mobile Golf is the easiest way to search, find, and book tee times on 100s of golf courses throughout the United States – all at your finger tips! The easy to use interface allows golfers to quickly find teetimes and securely book a reservation right from your iPhone or iTouch. All with no need to call the pro-shop!

-Search for tee times by State, Area, and/or Specific course.
-Search for available tee-times by date, time and number of players.
-Course description, GPS directions and telephone numbers at your finger-tips.
-Book your reservation with secure payment information directly from your device. No need to call the pro-shop.
-A confirmation page will be emailed with course specific cancellation policies.
-Mark your favorite or most played course for simply searches
-View you history all of reserved tee-times.
-Discounted rates

About Lane Roathe

I make my living designing, producing, and programming computer software. I have done work on numerous platforms, including MacOS, Win95/NT, Apple //, Super Nintendo, Sega, and others; writing mainly games but also operating systems, applications, utilities, etc. I have started and run several companies, currently operating Ideas From the Deep and working at Quicken, inc on Quicken for Mac.
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