App Store Icon vs iPhone Icon

I just had my first title submission rejection from the App Store. The reason given? The small bundle icon does not match your large icon.

OK, so at first I was pretty irate, they both contain the same elements and it seemed pretty obvious. But after cooling down, I have to admit that objectively it is possible some customers would be confused … I still think the reviewer is being pretty nit-picky here, but I also know that end users can be very easily confused.

What do you think?


Fortress Luna App icon


Original Fortress Luna App Store image

We’re going to redo the app store image to match the icon, since the original image has too much detail to be reduced to an icon.

Conclusion: While it might seem that you only need a passing resemblance between the two, if you don’t want your app rejected over a trivial matter, take my advice and make sure there is no way someone can’t tell that the two images refer to the same app!

About Lane Roathe

I make my living designing, producing, and programming computer software. I have done work on numerous platforms, including MacOS, Win95/NT, Apple //, Super Nintendo, Sega, and others; writing mainly games but also operating systems, applications, utilities, etc. I have started and run several companies, currently operating Ideas From the Deep and working at Quicken, inc on Quicken for Mac.
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