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Fortress Luna now available

After a slight delay caused by a confusing app store icon, Fortress Luna has been approved and gone live in the iTunes App Store! Fortress Luna is a simple, yet addicting game that is ideal for casual players. The objective … Continue reading

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App Store Icon vs iPhone Icon

I just had my first title submission rejection from the App Store. The reason given? The small bundle icon does not match your large icon. OK, so at first I was pretty irate, they both contain the same elements and … Continue reading

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Using Handles to Improve Memory Use

Memory Is Not Free! While newer desktop machines are able to use hardware and/or Virtual Memory (VM) to somewhat take care of memory fragmentation, it is not always effective. While it differs with architecture and OS, VM is limited to … Continue reading

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CAContextInvalidLayer and setFence:count

So there I was, up for nearly a day straight and have figured out the certificate issue that was preventing my program from running on my iPhone after upgrading to SDK 3.0 beta 5. On the device I was getting … Continue reading

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Quick fix for TableViewCellSubviews sample project

Symptom The Sample Code for TableViewSuite, example 4 TableViewCellSubviews has an incorrect project setting that prevents running the sample in release. Problem The problem is due to the TableViewCellSubviews project referencing the application as CustomTableViewCell instead of TableViewCellSubviews. Solution FIX: … Continue reading

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putpkt: write failed: Broken pipe

Hopefully this will provide some useful information for someone, because I did a lot of google searching and didn’t come up with an answer to this one that way. After upgrading my sdk from 2.2.1 to 3.0 beta 5 I … Continue reading

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