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I make my living designing, producing, and programming computer software. I have done work on numerous platforms, including MacOS, Win95/NT, Apple //, Super Nintendo, Sega, and others; writing mainly games but also operating systems, applications, utilities, etc. I have started and run several companies, currently operating Ideas From the Deep and working at Quicken, inc on Quicken for Mac.

GolfHub finally out of review

Well, GolfHub finally got through the review process, took 20 days. In case you are interested, here is a link. Marketing Text: Golfhub is designed by golfers to serve the needs of other golfers like you and is the easiest … Continue reading

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*Warning* Do not install software included in Panasonic products!

Background A while back I purchased a Panasonic camera that can not only take pictures, but also record video. I chose the camera because of this combination, in combination with it’s optical zoom. Now, the camera works great and importing … Continue reading

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First photos of updates to S2000

Well, I updated the S2000 again, only this time it wasn’t for performance, rather it was on appearance. :wow: There is still a few things I want to get done, but for the time being I’m “finished” mucking with it. … Continue reading

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My Mobile Golf on App Store

A couple of weeks ago My Mobile Golf was released on the iTunes App Store. It allows you to book tee times on your iPhone or iTouch. We worked hard to make the interface as clean as possible, and to … Continue reading

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Fortress Luna on Hot List!

Fortress Luna today appeared on the App Store “What’s Hot” list, which is pretty exciting stuff for me! While I have worked on other iPhone apps that have done well and appeared in various lists, this is the first “independent” … Continue reading

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Fortress Luna now available

After a slight delay caused by a confusing app store icon, Fortress Luna has been approved and gone live in the iTunes App Store! Fortress Luna is a simple, yet addicting game that is ideal for casual players. The objective … Continue reading

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App Store Icon vs iPhone Icon

I just had my first title submission rejection from the App Store. The reason given? The small bundle icon does not match your large icon. OK, so at first I was pretty irate, they both contain the same elements and … Continue reading

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Snow Leopard Breaks All 3rd Party Apps by Removing Creator Codes!

Begin RANT OK, so the title is a little sensational … but this decision is going to cost me money, so I am understandably upset. It’s also a decision that seems to have no merit, and if rumor is correct … Continue reading

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Using Handles to Improve Memory Use

Memory Is Not Free! While newer desktop machines are able to use hardware and/or Virtual Memory (VM) to somewhat take care of memory fragmentation, it is not always effective. While it differs with architecture and OS, VM is limited to … Continue reading

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UPS continues tradition of poor service

Warning, rant ahead! I don’t like posting such, but UPS is making my life miserable often enough that I feel I have to. Anyway, I purchased a product recently which the company shipped via UPS with a signature required. I’d … Continue reading

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